Röst inifrån Syntagma square 1 juli

1/7 2011 av Anders Wesslund

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Jag fick ett mej idag, från en god grekisk vän från åren i World Student Christian Federation, idag docent i litteratur och lärare i Aten. Det kom idag efter de senaste dagarnas kravaller:

Dear Anders,

thank you for your message and your concern. This is a tough and critical time we are going through, but perhaps also a time of peoples´ awakening too. I don^t know how much you have seen in your news, but these two last days – particularly yesterday – the ones who (believe they) rule here showed their nastier face. The police did everything in their power to destroy the protests of thousands in Syntagma square in front of the Parlíament, as the citizens´reaction is culminating: I was there too, and felt proud to see with my very eyes the way people reacted (huge crowds of people remained gathered for hours and hours in the streets surrounding the square, calmly and peacefully, trying to move back there, with the police doing everything in their power to block our way. The ´Mid-term´plan of austerity measures was voted in the end, but there is a growing feeling that those puppets who are in power will not last very long (the big question is, who will/can eplace them).

I will get back to you soon, with more news. Thanks for being around, we are in need of the feeling that there are people in Europe who can listen. If you want to learn more about the Protest Movement in Syntagma square, you can visit the site real-democracy.gr. There is a version in English.)

 Warmest greetings,